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The Mad Cow-Girl
Meets Screaming Lord Sutch
Since meeting Screaming Lord Sutch in 1997 I've been a supporter of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, standing in local, general & by-elections. Currently holding the offices of Campaigns Officer & Party Archivist.

24th March 2009 - Extensive Haltemprice & Howden campaign information moved to the "Election Page".

18th July 2008 - Apologies for the technical difficulties over the last few days. This website is now fully functional once again.

12th July 2008 - 412 votes in an election with 26 candidates and only a 34% turnout. Location: 7th place out of 26. Not bad! Considering the Loony Party is just a fun party, I’d regard that as a reasonable result.

1st Conservative (A foregone conclusion)
2nd Green Party (Expected to be in second place)
3rd English Dems(A serious party with a serious manifesto)
4th National Front (Another very serious party)
5th Miss GB Party (Two big assets & lots of money backing)
6th Jill Saward (A serious issue candidate, with tacit Labour Party support)
7th OMRLP (Top of the loony tree as expected)
8th-26th (Lots of other unofficial loonies etc)

I’m more than content with my result, and had a great time when I could get down to the area. 412 is a lot more than I expected.

To put it into context:

412 is the highest OMRLP by-election score other than Sutchy himself (who I am not a patch on matching by a long shot). Even Sutchy himself only topped, or equaled, 412 on 10 occasions out of over 45 OMRLP by-elections contested so far.

In fact, scoring 412 matched the result of Sutchy himself in the Cumbria, Perth & Borders by election 1983.

30th June 2008 - Election material uploaded due to much interest. Scroll down to find the links.

18th June 2008 - David Davis has finally left his position as MP for Haltemprice & Howden. The writ will be moved shortly to start the by-election. How strange it's up to the loony to be sensible, and the supposed sensible candidate to act loony. What a topsy turvy world we live in.

12th June 2008 - After David Davis's unexpected resignation as an MP for Haltemprice & Howden it is my intention to represent The Official Monster Raving Loony Party for this By-election.

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