(Registered Nurse, World Traveller, Comedy Author, Private Pilot, Adventurer, Monster Raving Loony & Much Much More)

This is the index page of Rosalyn Warner's vast and varied website.
(Please use a link below to access one of the sub-websites located within this website, depending on your personal interests)

Rosalyn Warner (Personal Website)
Rosalyn Warner Personal Website: For those sad individuals interested in my personal life, here are a few pages of background information about my exploits. Been There, Done That, Worn the T-Shirts. Take a quick look at my work life, travels etc, etc, etc. Click Here
The Flying Frog (2CV Website)
Flying Frog 2CV Website: Despite having driven, rode, flown and sailed most forms of transport, my favourite of all times is the much maligned CitroŽn Deux-Chevaux. For the second time in my life I've bought one and this time restored him. This is the story of Charlie Charlie, Victor & Brian. Click Here
Mad Cow-Girl (Loony Website)
Mad Cow-Girl Website: The personal loony website of a Monster Raving Loony. After standing for parliament twice in addition to local elections, this website keeps track of my political ambitions, or lack of them, as the case may be. Click Here
Spoken in Jest (Comedy Writings)
Spoken in Jest Comedy Writings: A spoof version of the Highway Code to show how people really drive, novels about the exploits of the inept Roy King-Pratt and the adventures of the Starship Tantalise with Captain Quirk and his crew, are just a few examples of what to find here. Click Here
The Flying Frog (2CV Website)
2CV Eight Ball Rally Website: The 2CV Eight Ball Rally took place in April 2008. On this website you can find details of the rally, participants, photo gallery and trophy winners. The next 2cv Eight Ball Rally will take place in the Autumn of 2010. Details will be displayed nearer the date. Click Here
Loony Archive (Loony Museum)
Loony Archive Website: This monsterous website is a collection of Screaming Lord Sutch and Official Monster Raving Loony Party history. An online museum of Loony memorabilia and statistics for researchers & general interest groups. Click Here


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